Monday, October 3, 2011


Adumak ! i need more idea for my last project, maybe it's not the time to write blog now but dn knoe why i still want to write . LOL! an individual project reli is difficult .everything nid to care all the thing without any help.. ( except someone) =] hope the last project can be done perfectly. i can do it, and i believe myself i got my confident... =)) im the one who can be more popular and rich in future...  target and concentrate to achieve it  !!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Day again

Something happened this few day so postpond my writing blog. mood totally ruined because of this too...  now the mood is turning back to normal status to start my normal life... that's MOVIE  PLANNING & WORKING !! it's reli difficult to handle all of this ... don knoe why. for sure i have to force myself to do it now.. hmmm.. hardwork pls !!!  >.<  don keep blur blur till last minutes... now no more bahasa kebangsaan so i have to 100% focus on my movie ... other ppl can do it. I can do it too!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Peaceful Night

why i want to say this ? nth special, ya just becoz is nth special, nothing happen... it makes my day relaxing ~ i reli don feel wan headache again because of small thing. alot of thing haven done yet and i have to focus on my target. when mentioned bout frenship and relationship, i reli don knoe what im gonna do. it's reli hard to accept to make that decision. even i allowed bt my heart keep feel uncomfortable and unsecure... any idea that can solve it ? i feel wanna know ASAP !

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final project

Finally got time to write my blog again. Last semester, semester 8. It would be the last semester for me to study at college cosmopoint. Before graduate, bahasa kebangsaan and final project have to finish it first ! i hope that i can graduate it without any fail subject, pray it sincerely ! except study, coaching and working with jchang to earn extra income too. i feel so stress when think about all the thing i have to solve. i try to arrange my time properly but in the end failed. i hope everything will be ok... =(

Friday, March 18, 2011

Exam is coming soon

Yes !! finally can passup my outcomes before midterm exam, can rest for a moment~ =3 next Monday would be our exam week le, i only got 3 subject take and 2 is project. hehe~ nt like last time, 5 subject..  =.=  anyway, i hopefully can focus more on my assignment.. i don wan been look down by other ppl when i go out work again. =/ last time oledi had enuf of lesson. T.T  jia you ah kai... must find a stable job of government and high salary o ~ =)  gambateh!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost In Hell

15 march 2011... Im Lost, im totally lost... this year im doin nth, im increase nth !!! haiz... i reli wanna knoe wat was happen on myself in this year. i oways telling myself im doing my best, doing the correct way... bt... in the end, im still lost. lost in many way, same as hell... every choice is related with my future. feel useless in this fucking hell. Feel so suffer and the breath is hardly take...  =(( is this a dream ? i hope it is.. hopefully it is!! is there any tips that can help me in my life ? =/ i nid a tips badly... explore alot without caring bout risk is same as suiside. aiks..!!!  my mood is down deeply rite now...  feel wan go travel and throw away this feeling.

what shud i aim?
where shud i go ?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Assignment season

10.3.2011 Finally ~ i can rest awhile coz this few days was rushing my assignment and i done 2, now still left 3 haven done yet, that is ... green screen after effects, graphic illustration, and 3d modelling. Although nt so much assignment left bt all of them are nid spend alot of time to do . =( i hope i can finish them during weekends, if not ... i think im gonna buy red bull to stay awake till i done my assignment. =((  so long din play ball oledi and last nite went to 7miles court there coz promised ppl to play ball who knoes he din came .. =.=  so~~~ this fri i will go to khs skul court play ball. get alot of sweat and throw away my fat oil ASAP...  =D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Blog Blog =D

6.3.2011.. gosh~ omost put aside my blog again. 1 days din write thing le...  >.<  saturday morning i slept till noon like tat just woke, coz... sat is the day which i can rest more longer than other days... =))  tat day argued with her again. don feel wan to mention again tat kind of thing,make me headache~ =3 tat nite i went to sesco for playing basketball.. sweat came out like hell..  hei hei~!! i found that my skill is decrease and decrease.. more less and less to touch basketball, 1 week play once only. =/ hope i can go play ball at 7miles as usual... sunday morning 9.30 teach ball til 11.30am at 7miles, kah siang asked me to help him... i oso heard that he went to sabah, i guess is playing basketball comp ? 2pm till 6 pm oso is my teach ball time...  =.= , whole day teach ball ... 1st time like tat. LOL!!!  shud i play NBL ? jia siang ever ask me to play, i feel wan to play bt i scare will affect with my study,besides i cant oways focus on basketball like last time le. =/  i wish to finish my diploma and quickly find a stable job 1st. my life is messy, i have to manage them again and again ... time pass rapidly, i scare i cant be the person who can buy a car, house and things that i like and wish to buy it for a long time. =/ arggh... feel that im sooooooooooooooo USELESS !!! knoe im useless oledi bt still don wan to change,lazy... wat a foolish person i am.. =/

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tiring Day woke up at 10am, blur and tired till don feel wan to do anything... i reli hope today is my rest day. =(( mood nt reli gud today so i keep playing games although i have a lot of things to do. plan to go play ball tonite bt tiok spoilt... haish! this afternoon i except drawing my draw, i need bring sansan to her friend house and bring her back in unsuitable time.water color makes me headache.. ='(  argue argue and argue, y we nid to argue at unsuitable time ? haish ! feel wan to slp whole year to relax myself..  =/  just nw at ah siaw's house drawing my draw and ask him wat shud i correct gok. he teach some and besides he show me the thing which he drew. Wow ~ he was so successful and hardworking person. =) thats all for today... =3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Active on Midnite =D

3.3.2011...That nite was young, i plan not to slp to continue my mix sound effect radiostation. shun liang came to to my house for assistant. =D at 1st we din have the mood to start it till 2am like tat just start. we record our own voice then cut it and then combine with sound effect. i became dj radio and he became client. ^^  we finish at 4am... sudd both of us felt hungry then ask kong join us to having breakfast at kenyalang market. wat a early breakfast ~~~ !  i reach home about 5 am... slp till 1.20pm  =.=. afternoon still got class portfolio development gok, one more assignment added... =/ at nite, sansan came to my house play, 10pm then go to her house <3 and back at 1am. sansan called me, she scolded by mum again... =(  "crying is the way to release stress" . sayang sayang o~  =*  love you~